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The Saratoga Approach

Saratoga Group is uniquely positioned for growth as we acquire the heavy value-add communities that many institutional investors avoid. Our transformation strategy includes streamlined home infill, implementation of best-in-class management practices, and in-house construction expertise. 

Strategic Principles


We Hold Communities Long-Term

Out of the original 105 communities, we have only sold one. Manufactured housing communities provide significant short-term returns and consistent long-term dividends. Investor's commit capital for 10 years but may choose to benefit in perpetuity. 


We Acquire Value-Add Communities

The average community is around 60% occupied at the time of acquisition. Generally, these communities are cash flow positive at acquisition. We see the vacancy in newly acquired properties as an opportunity to quickly increase property revenues through basic infill.


We Carefully Capture Higher Returns

Over 90% of MHP’s nation-wide are owned by “mom and pop” operators who have not raised rents to keep up with competitive housing. As we improve the communities we acquire, we methodically increase lot rent to match local market rent rates. Our goal is always to add value for both residents and investors.

Market Selection

We focus on markets where there is a need for affordable housing and where we can achieve attractive yields. This has led us to acquire communities in the Midwest and Southeast. Some economists refer to this area as "The Golden Triangle." Reshoring manufacturers are moving their operations to this area and e-commerce companies are building their infrastructure and warehouses here. This migration brings stable, low-income homeowners to our communities. Building our portfolios around centers of strength allows us to keep costs low through local economies of scale.

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Our strategy is simple: find trailer parks that need transforming and turn them into communities

Sam Hales, CEO & Founder

Transformation Projects

Many communities we acquire need intensive infrastructure upgrades and significant home infill. Some communities provide us with the opportunity to expand the development. Below are a few case studies displaying the transformation nature of these projects. 

Major Capital Projects


Home Renovations & Infill

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