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About Saratoga Group

Our Story

Most investors love Real Estate's tangibility and longevity. They don't love it's cyclical nature. We are no different.

In 2017, Sam was introduced to the often-overlooked manufactured housing sector. He was drawn to the stability of the asset class during economic down cycles. His research confirmed that the two largest REITs focused exclusively on manufactured housing and had, over 18 years, the "same-store NOI growth" every quarter. With the support of individual investors, Sam purchased Saratoga Group's first manufactured housing community that year.

Since that day, Saratoga Group has become one of the largest MH operators backed by individual investors with over 100 communities and 115 employees worldwide.


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The Bus Test

"We talk about it at Saratoga Group all the time.

As a sixth-grader on the middle school bus you try your best not to stick out to the eighth-graders. The wrong clothes could turn into a long ride home. 


If kids are dropped off at the bus stop in front of our communities and are teased because of how crummy the community looks, we just failed the Bus Test.

Almost every community we purchase starts out as an "F". We want to move them into the "A" and "B" range as quickly as possible.

Being a kid is tough.

Responsible owners should be part of the solution - not part of the problem."


Sam Hales, Founder & CEO

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