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Investing for Long-term Growth

Invest in real estate's most stable asset class with an operator you trust

Our Story

Since our first manufactured housing property acquisition and with the support of many investors, Saratoga Group has experienced years of unprecedented growth. 

Our first manufactured housing community was acquired in 2017


The Saratoga Group portfolio is currently valued at $375+ million


Our portfolio includes 104 manufactured housing communities


There are over 400 current investors supporting Saratoga's growth

Building community by developing clean, safe, and attainable RV and manufactured housing solutions.

Saratoga Group Purpose Statement

Our Commitments


We are committed to transparent communication with our investors. From first interest to seasoned investor, we are available to answer any questions. Investors receive quarterly reports on property financials and operational updates. 


Transforming manufactured housing communities is complex and operationally intensive. With vertically integrated teams, we have developed a transformation process that is proven and reliable. This process creates long-term value in our communities. 


Saratoga Group is committed to stable growth. Our properties grow through careful, step-by-step property infill and capital improvements. Broadly, we grow through selective and consistent property acquisition. These translate to stable long-term financial growth.

Property Locations

Screenshot 2023-12-05 101551_edited.png

Our communities are centralized around the Midwest and Southeastern United States. We have team members and on-site management in each of these states. Saratoga Group headquarters is in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This graph shows the number of Saratoga Group lots per state on a gradient scale. The lowest is 0 lots per state and the highest is 1,214 lots per state - the number of Saratoga Group lots in our North Carolina communities.

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